Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Featured ETSY artist #38 of 90 - PauletteInsall

My preference in painted art is to see nature, abstracts, dogs, things that I find pleasing to my eye. I never liked analyzing writers through their stories in school (I read stories to enjoy the story - not to figure out what the writer was thinking!) so I have the same attitude when I see paintings. So ... when I started checking out Paulette's art in her Etsy store I had to think, look and read instead of just look and experience. But - change is good! So I looked through the prints in her store, read the story behind the ones that drew my eye and will share my interpretations of her art with you.

First I have to say I'm impressed with her skills considering she didn't pick up a paint brush until October 2006! Heck - she hasn't even been painting for 2 years yet! She paints with expression and I do love all the elements she combines in her painting collages. If you go to her website you can watch her creative process in action (and with some wonderful background music)! I was excited to see she uses some of the same tools in her paintings (stamps, tissues, stencils, ...) that I use when I make cards. And, like most artists, she makes it look easy.

I like Paulette's Choices print since I am continually amazed and disappointed by people who blame the government, their parents, society, their looks, ... for the problems they have in life. In many cases the real problem is the choices they've made in their lives. As Paulette says "Each time we are faced with choices, we have the chance to change the path of our lives, our destiny."

When I saw Listen I was surprised that the woman looked unhappy or perhaps pensive. I didn't see this expression in the other women she painted so I had to find out why this woman did not look very happy. Paulette painted this in response to some people in her life saying things that made her doubt the path she chose in deciding to paint. So this woman is a reminder to listen to your inner self and follow your own path, not those that others want to push you into.

If you want to see more of Paulette's art then be sure to visit her Etsy store.

If you want to know what new projects she's working on then be sure to read her blog.

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