Saturday, February 1, 2020

Tucson Day 1

We arrived in Tucson this afternoon.  Fortunately my mom is still doing well enough (she's in her 80's) to go with me and help me shop for beautiful gems!  We got out luggage and rental car and headed to the JGM Show.  It actually starts tomorrow but Toyo (Feng's Trading) lets me do some shopping while he's setting things up.  Of course he's continually tempting me with beauties that he's pulling out of boxes!  Here are some beautiful, double drilled pearls he has (and a peak at those maroon granulated pearls I'm getting).
double drilled pearls        

I like these because they are a beautiful maroon color and look like they are granulated on top.  Very different!

And a shot of what I have in my basket so far :)  I'll be going back tomorrow to see what else needs to go home with me.  Aren't those amethyst leaves gorgeous?!!

After doing a bit of shopping with Toyo we headed north and east to find our condo.  We dumped our luggage, freshened up a bit and then went to the Blue Willow for dinner.  They have delicious food and a vegan vegetable stir fry which is quite tasty.  We both finished off the meal with desert - chocolate crepe with strawberries for my mom and a vegan coffee cake for me.  Quite delicious, but, unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

cserpentDesigns Newsletter 01/2020

cserpentDesigns newsletter
cserpentDesigns Newsletter

Enjoy!                                                            January 2020                                           

Happy New Year!
2020 has begun, my annual Tucson visit is looming and I'm actually getting a newsletter out to start the year!
I'm slowly working my way back to playing soccer.  I made it through half a training session this weekend and I'll see how long I can play in a small field game with an over 55 group next weekend.  I'm in the throes of closing the books for 2019 so I'll be ready to add my inventory from Tucson into my database.  I had fun playing with some new enameling techniques so you'll be seeing more designs with my enamel work in them this year.   All my new designs premiere on Facebook since I really like the one-on-one interaction you get with people in the various jewelry groups.  If you want to be the first to see my designs be sure to like cserpentDesigns on Facebook and turn on the notifications.  I update my blog somewhat regularly and I do blog about my new designs there as well.  One big accomplishment last year was to get my own website for my jewelry designs.  is open and ready for business.  
Since it's January I have to have some garnet designs in my shop.  I'm working on a few more designs with garnet so check back often to see what's new.
Ringed Garnet Wisps Earrings - handmade, artisan lampwork, sterling silver red white twisted ring srajd cserpentDesigns january birthstone
Red Tipped Spikes Earrings - handmade hollow artisan lampwork sterling silver red teal sonoran jasper garnet gemstone srajd cserpentDesigns january birthstone

If you are on my Facebook page and want to shop just click the Shop Now button.
If you're local and are interested in a home jewelry show anytime this year please contact me so we can arrange it. Hostess discounts are available and a hostess gift is always part of the show!
Field of Lavendar and Blue Earrings - handmade artisan lampwork sterling silver kyanite gemstone sapphire light blue lavender dangle srajd cserpentDesigns
You know I love purple, but I also think kyanite is a gorgeous gemstone.  For this pair I combined the two for a beautiful design.  Available in my studio.

Turquoise and Gold Kumi Necklace - gold turquoise Kazuri ceramic artisan srajd cserpentDesigns

I am doing more Kumihimo weaving with beads, cord and fiber and am adding in larger beads for some designs.  I love turquoise and gold and had fun weaving this beautiful and long necklace. Available in my studio.
Flower Garden Slider Bracelet - handmade artisan lampwork turquoise blue purple green lime swarovski crystals sterling silver srajd cserpentDesigns
I'm designing a new style of bracelet. This is adjustable with a sliding bead so it is easy to put on, adjust and take off. This pretty is available in my studio.
Lime and Purple Earrings - handmade artisan copper lime green purple enamel lampwork glass lavendar Swarovski crystals copper srajd cserpentDesigns
These earrings use a pair of my enamel drops.  This enameling technique is called crackle enamel.  I layer on multiple colors of glass and a crackle enamel. The crackle enamel causes the upper layers of glass to open up so you can see the lower layers of glass.  I combined the drops with artisan lampwork, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass and copper.  This is available in my studio.
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