Monday, June 21, 2010

Rhinestone Cowboy!

Ok - sorry - no cowboys here - but I can't help think of that song when I talk about rhinestones - LOL! A friend asked me to make some earrings to go with a rhinestone necklace she bought. I had never done anything with rhinestones so, of course, I had to dive into it with both feet! I now have a LOT of rhinestones and settings so I'll be doing more with rhinestones. She need hers done in brass so that's what I'll be using for all my new designs. Here is the final creation

It involved 22 soldered components, oxidized the whole thing, set all the stones and - voila - earrings!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Haircut Day!

Since my normal groomer (mom) had hand surgery I had our neighborhood mobile groomer come by and give the doggies a haircut. Max sure looks good but I didn't recognize Gino - LOL! I asked for a Schnauzer cut, didn't realize he would be sheared! Good thing hair grows back - we want him back to his fuzzy, snuggly self as soon as possible.



Friday, June 4, 2010

Time flies!

Wow - where did May go?? And now we're well into June. Here are some recent earrings I finished up. My goal right now is to finish up all the partial projects I started so I can clear more items off my bead table. We'll see how successful I am - since new things always send me off in another design direction ...

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