Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Featured ETSY artist #32 of 90 - Yaslani

OK - I have to admit I cracked up reading some of Yasmin's old posts in her blog. Check out 2/15/2007 if you want a laugh! You have to enjoy and admire someone who tells it like it is - and I agree with her - too many people want to pretend everyone should act like we're all created equal and let's face it - we're not. Some look gorgeous, some don't, some are smart, some not so much. Enjoy what you are and quit trying to change everyone else! OK - I now interrupt this sidetrack to return to the Yaslani Esty store .... (LOL!)

I love the intro to her store "Foxy Modish Art & Jewelry for Swanky Fashionistas and Stylish Chaps!" My idea of mod seems to differ from hers - but it's art and only the artist can define what it is to her. Most of her pendants are on bamboo and she also creates mixed media art. I just love her mixed media piece Moonlight! I like elephants and love the mix of colors and metallics that she created. It took me a while to find a pendant I liked (OK so maybe I'm not a modish fashionista - I yam who I yam!) but here's one that should strike a chord with many, including my hubbie, Chocolate Sundae!

Be sure to see all her other pendants and art in her Etsy store. And if you want to hear more about her ideas and find out what she's up to be sure to check out her blog!

1 comment:

Yasmin said...

Love love this post and love your blog! Very fun and well written. Thanks so much : ) Please visit my store again

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