Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting ready for a trip to Maui!

Yippee!! Hubby and I head to Maui in a couple of days. We've never been there so it should be fun. I'm rushing around trying to get things finished and mailed out. I just finished a custom design - Ethereal Bracelet. It's an interesting combination of sodalite, moonstone, labradorite and hematite. Those were the stones requested for the design and I got them to work together. I love doing custom designs - they are a fun challenge in design and in interpreting what my customers want.

An even bigger challenge for this design was photography. The contrast between light and dark really caused me headaches trying to get the right color to show. I finally succeeded though and will be shipping it to its new home in a day or two.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holiday shows and gas prices in Paris

Well the craft show was a bust. Lesson learned - don't do craft shows over a 3 day holiday unless the show is in the midst of a tourist area. You just don't get much traffic when folks are probably busy doing long weekend activities.

Now - some interesting information my hubby sent from Paris ... you think our gas is high??? Think again - here's a picture of gas prices (per liter) in Paris. At that price it works out to almost $10 per gallon! And yes they drive a LOT of small cars around Paris.

And even the superheroes in Paris have small supercars to drive ...

Isn't that a hoot?!

Just a little crazy ...

I'm about 10 minutes away from heading out the door to go sell some of my beauties at the "Sunday, crafty Sunday" craft sale organized by the North Park Craft Mafia. And when did I decide to do this? Two days ago. Good thing I've been steadily adding to my design inventory! Needless to say I've been spending the last two days making more things, getting my setup rearranged to work on one table, ... It will be at the Filter Coffee House at 4096 30th St., San Diego 92104 from noon to 5PM. So ... if you're reading this and are in the area - stop on by!
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