Monday, December 2, 2019

Weaving away!

I love turquoise and gold and that's the combination I went with for this Kumihimo weave necklace.  I wanted to incorporate some beads into this design and these Kazuri ceramic beads were perfect.  They have a base of turquoise with gold accents.  It takes a bit more work to include beads during the weave but adds such a nice little umph! to the design.  Here's a quick summary of what's involved in the process:
  • Cut all the cords
  • Thread the beads onto the cords.  Normally you thread on the beads for the entire necklace but since I was adding beads I only added the beads for the necklace section before the bead
  • Set them up on the marudai (the wood weaving apparatus)
  • Start weaving!
Here are some shots as I worked.

As you can see I had to add a bit more weight (my tools) to keep the weaving balanced :)

And here is an upclose shot of the necklace in its beginning.

And many hours later the beads are incorporated into the design and weaving continues.

At this point I have to add in the rest of the beads to complete the necklace.  So off I go to string them on and finish the weaving.  I'll be back when I'm done.

The weaving is done and now I just have to add the clasp.  I love this color combo!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Goodbye to our love moose!

Gino, last month, when he could still run, hanging with his Ellie and his Platypus
We found out our dog Gino had cancer about 2 months ago.  We had a tumor on his foot removed because it just kept getting bigger and the biopsy showed it was cancer.  Over the last few days he had a hard time breathing and, after an xray, we found that a tumor was growing on his trachea, slowly cutting off his air supply.  Today his breathing got a lot worse and it sounded like he also had fluid in his lungs so we said goodbye and he crossed the rainbow bridge.  I'm sure he's playing, running, squeaking his favorite soccer ball toy and hanging out with Kirby who he knew for about a month before Kirby crossed the rainbow bridge.   My hubby always called him a love moose since he was so full of love - and a moose was just something big!
Gino on his last night, resting after a hard day since he went to the vet and we found out about the tumor on his trachea. 
We got Gino from Baja Animal Sanctuary in 2009.  He had been at the rescue for 3 months and I was amazed nobody adopted him during that time.  He was the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever met!  He loved EVERYONE he met.  He would get sad if any stranger he met didn't want to pet him and say hi.  He was incredibly well trained from day one as well.  Someone lost a wonderful dog - but fortunately we got to have him in our life for 10 years.  He was a skinny little thing when we got him. And he had so many colors in his coat!  During his years with us he muscled up and, as he got older, his coat turned silver and had a beautiful sheen.

Our skinny Gino on his first day with us.And here he is hanging in his basket.  Look at those eyes and that cute face!

1 month before we got Gino our dog Oscar passed.  1 month after we got Gino our dog Kirby passed.  Fortunately, in the month that Gino knew Kirby he learned some important things from him.  One was how to ride in a car.   When we got Gino I took him and Kirby to the pet store so Gino could pick out his own toy.  He chose a soccer squeaky ball.  Then, at Christmas, our mom bought him his Ellie.  He absolutely loved his Ellie.  If you asked him to go find his Ellie he would search the house until he found it and then bring it to you.  We never let his bro Max play with it since Max would have torn poor Ellie to shreds.  Ellie is quite threadbare now but I would dutiful sew up Ellie's holes.  One time I put some extra stuffing into Ellie as I sewed up the holes.  I gave him back to Gino, he grabbed a hold of Ellie and immediately dropped him and looked at me.  I had overstuffed Ellie and he did NOT feel the same.  So I opened up one of the repaired holes, took the extra stuffing out, sewed Ellie back up, gave him to Gino and Gino gladly ran off squeaking his Ellie (and hoping I would chase him :) ). And I can't forget that over time he chewed off both of Ellie's ears.  I have no idea why since he left all other body parts intact.  I did add in a new ear with a different kind of fabric and that ear was never chewed off.  He really liked the soft fabric that Ellie was made with.  Sometimes he would just nibble on it like you would a corn cob.  He didn't chew anything off, just nibbled.

Gino, his soccer ball and our stately old man Kirby. Gino with his Ellie - his first Christmas present.

Our mom also gave Gino his own blanket.  He loved that blankie too.  He knew it was his and he would carry it around some times.  Often he would take it off the bed, drag it downstairs and lay with it or play with it.  It was VERY soft.  :)  His "Grandmas" loved him too.

Here he is with his blankie on the bed.  When Tony was out of town Gino sleeps in his spot and uses his pillow. 
Another thing Gino did for many years was to pile all his toys, and maybe a blanket, sometimes one of the living room pillows and possibly one of our shoes, into a pile in the living room (and sometimes outside) when we would leave the house for a while.  We guess that he just wasn't sure if we were coming back and the pile gave him security.  He finally stopped doing it for the last few years which was kind of a bummer since it was always cute to come home and see what he piled up.

Gino and his toy pile.
I had 2 foot surgeries, one in 2017 and one in 2018.  For 3 weeks after both I was essentially in bed since I had to elevate for 90% of the day.  Gino was my constant companion (except when walks, food or visitors intervened).  Max would come up and check on me, but Gino hung with me on the bed.  Of course he was quite happy to share my almonds and dried apricots with me when I needed a snack.  :)
Gino snoozing next to me as I recovered from foot surgery #1 Gino says "I would REALLY like to share those almonds and dried apricots with you" during foot surgery #2 recuperation 

Gino needed some love as I ate dinner during foot surgery #1 recuperation Gino posing with me when I first started walking after foot surgery #2.

I have so many wonderful memories of him.  I'll leave some of them here in hopes that you'll get an idea what a wonderful, loving dog he was.  I miss him terribly and always will.

   I KNOW you want to do something fun with me ...           Gino enjoying his car ride.  Initially we kept him leashed to 
    you are in my power ...                                                        make sure he wouldn't jump out.  He LOVED smelling the wind

         Can we go for a walk NOW????                                                Let's go vote!

         Gino looking cute out in the yard.                               Gino hanging with another blankie - made by my Grandma
                                                                                               for our dog Koko, way back in the 1970's.  Grandma made
                                                                                               doggie blankets that would last.

I KNOW you want to chase me and my Ellie!        Gino snoozing in his favorite spot - the corner of the couch.  If 
                                                                                 someone was sitting there he would just sit in front of them and
                                                                                 stare, hoping they would get the hint and move - LOL!

           Gino getting ready to root on the USA                Gino and Max playing while I made jewelry
               for the Women's World Cup final

    Gino snoozing in HIS corner of the couch                                 Doggies sleeping all in a row - Becka, Gino and Max
                                                                                                         Becka was my moms Westie.  She came to stay with us
                                                                                                         when my mom had to go out of town. 
                    A regular theme for Gino - LET'S PLAY!         Gino waiting, somewhat patiently, to go on a walk.

                       Just hanging on the stairs ...                                                                   I KNOW you want to go outside and
                                                                                                                                            throw my ball!

                       I'm waiting - let's go do something fun!                     Gino hanging with his Ellie pillow.

                               The trio, again, wondering "watcha doing?"               You are in my power .... you want to do 
                                                                                                                            something fun with me ...

                Yes I'm cute ... and?                                                  It's PLAY TIME!  Chase me!

Gino is watching closely as I repair Ellie.  He would always make sure I did it right too LOL!
                                            Gino, doggie extraordinaire, we miss you so much.  :(

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

cserpentDesigns September Newsletter

cserpentDesigns newsletter
cserpentDesigns Newsletter

Enjoy!                                                            September 2019                                            Don't miss the coupon below!

And another year has passed!
Well I thought I might do better this year than last about newsletters - but I didnt!  Welcome to the annual cserpentDesigns newsletter!  LOL! 
My foot surgery was over a year ago but I'm still not playing soccer.  For some reason my foot bone got inflamed and until that calms down I can't run, jump, ...  But I'm back into jewelry designing at full speed now. All my new designs premiere on Facebook since I really like the one-on-one interaction you get with people in the various jewelry groups.  So if you want to be the first to see my designs be sure to like cserpentDesigns on Facebook and turn on the notifications.  I update my blog somewhat regularly and I do blog about my new designs there as well.

If you're local and want to see my designs in person I'll be selling them at the Senior Games soccer tournament again this year.  I won't be playing again this year but I will be happy to meet up with all my soccer friends.  I'll be at the Senior Games soccer tournament on Sat 9/7 and Sun 9/8 from about 9-3'ish. You're welcome to stop by and visit, watch the games, peruse the jewelry and, of course, buy your favorites!  I'll be at Hourglass Park in Mira Mesa - right next to Miramar College on Black Mountain Road.  I hope to see you there!  
Due to some changes that I didn't like on Etsy I've moved all my inventory to my Zibbet and ArtFire online studios.
If you know me at all you know I LOVE purple!  Here are some earrings I designed with handmade glass beads, gemstones and prehistoric woolly mammoth ivory!  
aged purple artisan lampwork, petrified dinosaur bone and sterling silver earrings
prehistoric woolly mammoth ivory, AAA grade amethyst, gold filled earrings

I have links to my Zibbet and  Artfire shops on my Facebook page.
If you're local and are interested in a home jewelry show anytime this year please contact me so we can arrange it. Hostess discounts are available and a hostess gift is always part of the show!

artisan lampwork, mother of pearl, gold filled
I just adore these mother of pearl leaves.  And I LOVE the beads that Vickie Lee makes.  She puts metallic glass caps on them when she makes them.  They are absolutely gorgeous!  I had to use gold filled as the accent metal for these beauties.  Available in my Zibbet studio.

teal, hollow artisan lampwork bead, teal and red sonoran jasper, garnet and sterling silver earrings
I just LOVED all the spiked gemstone shapes I found in Tucson this year.  These are gorgeous Sonoran jasper that I combined with beautiful, hollow lampwork beads and garnets. Available in my Zibbet studio.

black, white, gold, venetian heart bead, black onyx and gold fill necklace
These watermelon beads are beautiful and so colorful!  And there is a watermelon that is orange inside!  Carnelian and peridot dangle above it. Find more information and pictures in my Zibbet studio.

kambaba jasper, black, green, Swarovski crystals, arrow, sterling silverI love shaped gemstones and these are V shaped.  I nested them together for this necklace. This pretty is available in my Zibbet studio.

Turquoise and Teal
artisan lampwork, turquoise, teal, blue, green, turquoise, white, sterling silver bracelet
This bracelet is a mix of eclectic, artisan lampwork beads and turquoise.  This is available in my Zibbet studio.


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If you purchase from me on Facebook just remind me about your coupon code in a message.

Monday, July 15, 2019

World Cup in France and foot status

I'll start out with my foot since it affected my trip to see the World Cup in France (go USA!!!).  I finally got to the point where I thought I could play soccer - so I did!  My first game lasted all of 10 minutes.  I did a sharp cut to the right, felt a pain and it didn't go away anytime soon so I stopped playing.  I did email my doc about the whole thing just in case.  After a few days the foot felt better so I did another training session (I was doing those before I started playing and they never caused my foot to hurt so I thought I was good to go) and then played most of a full game of soccer (bad me!).  My foot was still bugging me so I let me doc know that.  He had my come in for a check, did an xray and noticed that my bone density was not where it was before surgery.  He also was able to squeeze my foot in various places that shouldn't hurt - but they did hurt.  He was worried about a small stress fracture so he put in an order for an MRI and told me to start wearing the boot again.  I was able to get the MRI done just before I headed to France and it showed inflammation in the bone marrow and bursa area of the bone.  So I went off to France with an request to not walk too much (that isn't possible to do in Europe) and to wear the boot if my foot started bothering me.   Hear I am in Lyon with the stupid mascot that was chosen for the Women's World Cup with my boot on.

So with that depressing news in hand I headed off France to see 3 quarterfinal and the 2 semifinal games for the World Cup.  I had a busy itinerary - land in Paris, decompress a day, then head to Le Havre for a quarterfinal game - England vs Norway, then back to Paris for the USA vs France quarterfinal game, then off to Rennes to watch Sweden vs Germany in their quarterfinal game.  Then we had a few days rest in Paris before we headed to Lyon to watch the semifinals.

Here my friend and I are in Paris to see the Arc de Triomphe. She added a funny filter to the picture :)
And then we were off to Le Havre ... Here we both are at their beautiful, wave shaped stadium.  England played very well so it wasn't a surprise that they won.  I did wear my Norway team jersey that I got last year during my soccer trip to Norway.

And here is a picture down a big walkway/waterway with wonderful lavendar plants and a bridge in the background.  We enjoyed walking around the city and checked out a cathedral, historical house, some cardboard creations and more.  Le Havre was the only place where the weather was not super hot.  It still got pretty toasty in the afternoon, but not as hot as it was getting in Paris, Rennes and Lyon.

And we headed back to Paris where we took time to visit the Eiffel tower, Champs Elysees (and a Nike store with World Cup gear from all the teams) before the game that night.

Here are some pictures from the USA vs France game.  It was a good one! And, of course, we had to dress up for the occasion!

And we met up with another friend who was there during halftime for a photo shoot.  A LOT of our soccer friends from San Diego were in France for the games - along with over 20000 other USA fans.  It was a great game and I was sorry that France had to play the USA at this stage since the loss eliminated them from the World Cup. 

Next we were off to Rennes for the last quarterfinal match - Sweden vs Germany.  We stayed in a fabulous 2 room suite in its own little tower and, of course, there was a nice spiral staircase to go up.

Here is a picture from the game.  We were surprised Germany didn't play better.  Sweden won. 

We didn't leave Rennes until the late afternoon so we spent the morning wandering around sight seeing.  Unfortunately the trip planner didn't notice that our "off" day was a Sunday and all the stores were closed.  :(  Had we known we would have headed back to Paris in the morning.  But here is a part of the "old" city with the traditional Normandy style architecture.

And then it was back to Paris with some time to relax ...  We visited Notre Dame, more souvenir shops and St. Chapelle.  The stained glass is just gorgeous!

Next we were off to Lyon and it was HOT.  My friend had to head back to the USA before we did so she stayed in Paris and watched the USA vs England game on TV (enjoying some nice French cheese, crackers, baguette and Normandy apple juice).    I really enjoyed Lyon and would love to go back when I can walk more.   I only found out after we left that they have secret passages through buildings so you can get down to the rivers faster.  Those and Roman ruins are just 2 of the things I want to see if we get back there.

There were a LOT of Americans in Lyon for the semifinal and final match!  So many that it made the local newspaper.  :)
And, as we stood in line for the tram, not a single England supporter was in sight.  You can see that the tram is full of people as far back as the eye can see

 And, much to my hubbies dismay, a selfie with both of us :)  A friend who was also at the game found me!

The game!  USA vs England
The next day we did some sight seeing in the "old" area of Lyon.  I spent all day in the boot since my foot got a bit cranky the day before.  We took the Funiculaire up to visit their Notre Dame and enjoyed the area.  In the pictures below is the gorgeous interior of Notre Dame and in the city picture the stadium is the white roof you can barely see between the tall buildings.

Hubby and I hanging out above the city and the front of Notre Dame.

We went back down on the funiculaire and went in search of a lunch spot.  It's always a little challenging to find someplace to eat if I'm not in the mood for salads.  We walked by this little cafe, Katimavik, and it smelled DELICIOUS and they had a lentil dish which I could easily make vegan but hubby wasn't so sure if he would like something so we continued looking.  Everywhere else in that area had only salads for me to eat and I had my salad fill the day before.    So we went back to Katimavik and had a delicious lunch.  Even better for my hubby is that they had chocolate lava cake for dessert and it was the best he had had on our trip!  After we finished eating the ladies explained that this cafe was run by a charity, all the workers were volunteers and all the money went to The Arche which helps mentally disabled individuals.  So if you're in Lyon for a visit stop by Katimavik for lunch!  Their normal hours are 12-2PM.  We were fortunate that they stayed open longer (we arrived just before 2) to accommodate the many tourists who were in town. 

This door is across the street from Katimavik and I liked it because it was interesting looking.  Well, as I later found out, the door next to it is an entrance to one of the secret passages!!!  Little did we know at the time.  And, finally, a picture of the Rhone river and the beautiful city and bridges of Lyon.


We also saw the second semifinal, Sweden vs Netherland, but that game wasn't nearly as good as we thought it would be.  We were pretty disappointed in the level of play as were some French fans behind us.  Here is a picture from that game.  And action shot when the goalie was about to catch a corner kick.

And no travel is complete without some souvenirs :)  Soccer ball keychains and tshirts from the USA semifinal.

And, if you didn't notice, my friend and I are wearing red/white/blue soccer ball earrings to all the matches.  :)  You can get them in my cserpentDesigns online shop.

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