Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Love these earrings!

My muse was strong last night as I looked through my beads.  I had to come up with a design for the FACE Foundation Bags and Baubles Fundraiser event.  My original thought was to make a pearl cascade using some chocolate pearls and mocha Swarovski crystals.  But, with our 90 degree weather heating things up, I decided I needed a spring/summer design.  As I dug through my white pearls I saw these keishis and and an idea popped into my head and here it is!

Aren't these earrings just luscious?  Once I return from my next round of traveling I'll make more of this style - some with amethyst, aquamarine and sapphires and a matching necklace too!  Here are some new earrings that are for sale in my studio:

Golden Tassels

Green Pinchies

Viva Italia!
I'm heading off on a vacation shortly and will close my online studios while I'm gone so if you're interested in any of these designs - buy them soon!
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