Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Max is in the house!

So I'm a sucker for a rescue dog and for Westies! And I talked my husband into getting Max - the 1 year old rescue Westie from Westie Rescue of Orange County You can see Max on the adoptable westie pages - unless you're reading this in the future - in which case he should be on the 2010 adopted page. Here is a picture I took of him sleeping with his blanket in my bead room and another of Max and Gino out playing in the yard

He is a little hellion - talks a lot, is a bit too nippy during play, loves to destroy toys, ... Needless to say he's going to need a lot of work to turn him into a better behaved little dog! The nipping part will be the toughest since he mainly does that when he plays with Gino - and they're usually moving too fast for me to time the correction properly. And Gino is just too nice and gentle a dog to correct him unless he gets REALLY nippy or annoying.
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