Thursday, April 15, 2010

How I store my beads - part 2!

I posted a while back on how I was storing my beads. It involved Darice bead boxes and file boxes to store them. Here was a picture:

Behind those boxes is a bookcase and a closet! Needless to say I couldn't get to the bookcase easily and I could really only get to one side of the closet. Earlier this year I saw some bookcases for sale on Craig's list for a good price and they had a nice interesting design so I bought them and hauled them back home. Thank goodness for my SUV! They slid right in and a bungee kept the hatch down. Here they are after sanding and prep and before painting.

It took many coats of paint and some help from hubby to get them upstairs to my beadroom - but here they are in place and full!

I'm still reorganizing some things on the shelves and need to finish tiling glass mosaics into the insets on the doors (I have 2 insets done on the bookcase on the right - if you look REAL close!). But they sure have cleared the floor space in my bead room and the bookcase on the right has a pull down "desk" which gives me a place to package things when my desk is full - or 2 beading places when my mom comes over and wants to make something.

Ok - back to beading. I'm doing a show on April 24th (Encinitas Street Fair) so I need to build up inventory! If you'll be at the Encinitas Street Fair that Saturday be sure to look me up. I'll be near G Street.
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