Saturday, December 29, 2018

Art Elements 'white' theme reveal

At the beginning of December Claire from the Art Elements team announced that the themed challenge would be 'white'.  To read the original blog post click HERE
White could have been pure, with accents, in various tones or whatever we decided met the theme.  I designed these earrings specifically for the challenge.  

I saw these gorgeous red creek jasper drops in my bead stash and decided they were a perfect start for the theme.  I combined them with these wonderful lampwork beads with various tones of white and splashes of brick red.  I call these Southwestern Snow and they are available for sale HERE.

But as I look at some of my other new creations I think this theme got a hold of my design muse.  White abounds!
Tutus and Pearls
You can find Tutus and Pearls here.

You can find Goldenrod here.

Golden Snowflakes
You can find Golden Snowflakes here.

Leaves of Pearl
You can find Leaves of Pearl here.
We don't get snow in San Diego too often but the white theme has been pervasive this month in my designs.

Below are all the guests and Art Elements team members who participated in this challenge. Be sure to click on their links to see what everyone else created!

Guest Artists
Art Elements Team

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

My latest creations and designs for sale at the Fallbrook Art Center

I've been making a lot of new designs and my designs are also available at the Fallbrook Art Center until 12/24.  Here are some of the designs you can find in Fallbrook.
And here are a few of my recent designs.  You can find all my designs on my cserpentDesigns Facebook page.  If they are available in an online shop I'll have a link in the photo information or just message me if you would like more information.

Christmas Swirls and Dots
Flashy Nasturtium - SOLD
Aqua Lilies
Tiffany Blue Pearl Flowers

Last few months of happenings - August and September

I've been a bit remiss in posting but I did have one excuse.  10 days after we returned from our Norway trip I had foot surgery on my left foot.  The same surgery (remove a bone spur on my heel) as on my right foot in 2017.  Needless to say that sidelined me for a while.  Now I'm in the PT and recovery phase which takes months.  Here are a few shots from my post-surgery days.  I'll leave out the pictures of my incision :)  For anyone who has an achilles rupture, Haglunds deformity or bone spur on your heel be sure to check out the Achilles Blog (  You can get information on the surgery, recovery, things you might need during recovery, rehab, ...  And if you want to document your own surgery/recovery process you can set up a blog. 

My foot in the splint with a get well butterfly balloon attached :)
Hanging out and elevating with my constant companion Gino
And I started walking again 5 weeks after sugery
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