Friday, March 27, 2015

Another HOT day!

Well we've been having some serious hot spells here in southern California - MUCH hotter than it should be in winter and the start of spring.  But one should make lemonade out of lemons - especially when it's hot and ice cold lemonade is a wonderful, cold treat.  So ... since hot makes me think of flames I went searching for cool looking, red hot, handmade designs.... and, yes, I have a bias towards handmade glass beads :)

Regal red earrings by cserpentDesigns

Aqua flame handmade glass beads by Fragiacomo Glass Art
Chili Red Bohemian Necklace by BeadzNBling
A lava orange screaming alien by nlcbeads

Flame Within Earrings by Azteca Designs

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