Sunday, March 31, 2019

A walk into the canyon

I haven't posted here much about my achilles surgery recovery for my left foot.  Probably because it has been a disappointment compared to my right foot - LOL!  Little did I know my right foot healed at an exceptional, and unusually fast, rate.  I was playing soccer at 5.5 months after surgery.  I'm at 32 weeks after surgery on my left foot and still in the recovery phase.  I'm just beginning to do 1 footed jumping with my surgery foot, I'm struggling through the run/walk PT that I'm supposed to do (I detest running just to run) but I am making progress and gaining strength.  Just not as fast as I want to.  I had my last official PT session on Thursday but my PT sent me home with the exercises I have to continue to do at home.  He also told me at what point the achilles should be strong enough to get back to soccer - when I can jump forward (1 footed) the same distance and with the same control as I can on my right foot.  And when I can run easily for 20 minutes straight.  I have my work cut out for me!! 

But back to my canyon walk.  I decided to do my run/walk PT in my immediate neighborhood so I headed down to my local park, did my running/walking and at the end rewarded myself with a walk down into our local canyon.  I last went down this trail over 15 years ago.  It was pretty barren then!  Now it is green, lots of flowers, the California oaks are hanging over the trail and it is quite beautiful!  I didn't make it all the way to the bottom since I didn't want to push my luck and really wear out my achilles but I know the hill work and walking on the uneven terrain is good for strengthening the achilles and breaking up any scar tissue that is may need it. 

Here are some pictures from my walk.

Sisyrinchium - blue eyed grass

A native allium

Allium closeup and with a little sparkle from some dew drops

The trail beneath the California oak trees

Another native plant - I'm just not sure what it is :)

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