Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tucson Days 6 & 7

Yesterday we started off at the Sonoran Glass Show.  I mainly went to see Patty Lakinsmith but we did see some beautiful glass creations!  Of course I forgot to take a picture with Patty!  LOL!  But here are the pretties I got from her.

Next up was 22nd street.  We said hi to David Otteson and wandered around to see the sights.  This is another show with wonderful fossils and crystals.  I saw some gorgeous labradorite with purple flash and had to buy some cabs.  These were from Rockpick Legend Co.  I haven't seen purple flash labradorite too often so I just had to have them.  Of course now I need to make settings for them! And I can't forget the Rick Dlarymple - the seller!

I also got some sunstone gems from Dust Devil Mining Co.  Here's a picture of the little pretties (6x8mm) and of Don Buford and his mining partner (totally forgot his name - of course!).

And here are some pictures of the many and varied things you'll see for sale at this show. A petrified dinosaur bone - yes it is longer than the long fold up tables -and  those nodules to the right are petrified dinosaur eggs.  And there I am next to a huge chunk of rose quartz.

And here are lamps and bowls made from various gemstones - beautiful and functional!

And here is a cool witches hat covered with various gemstones!  It is so cool.  And a big petrified wood tree trunk and pieces. 

We headed out to lunch and then went to the Kino Gem show. There I found another of my favorite vendors World Bead Mine (formerly Royal Quality Gems).  I should have taken a picture of Jennifer Ho (who took over the business so her dad could retire - but her mom is still there helping her out!) but I forgot.  Here are some of the pretties I got - man made quartz in a beautiful aqua blue, rutilated quartz rondelles (various types of rutilation) and jade and pyrite leaves.

Our final stop was back to JGM to meet up with Toyo Feng and go to Grimaldi's for dinner.  As I waited for his customers to finish shopping I found a few more pretties for my hoard.  :)  Some aquamarine tubes, amazonite wavy drops, muscovite ovals, green quartz beads and some luscious lapis for a friend in Australia.


And here we are at Grimaldi's!  Their pizza is good and the Oreo cheesecake are TDF!

Today (Thursday) we hit 3 shows - the Pueblo Show, JOGS and Intergem.  What used to be the wholesale tent at Pueblo is no longer a wholesale tent and is almost entirely jewelry.  Magic Mountain gems is still there (yay!) as is Yau Shing Gems.   We did a quick scan at Magic Mountain but I don't need any cabs so we headed to Yau Shing where I went in search of more half drilled drops.  Their selection seemed to be a bit reduced but I did manage to find some pretties.

We had lunch at Pueblo (I like their BBQ hamburgers!) and then headed to Starbucks and then JOGS.  I checked out the booths of some of my favorite vendors but didn't find anything that got my heart pounding - LOL - so I checked out some new vendors.  I found this beautiful Brazil kyanite and laguna lace agate at The Perfect Gem.

And I stopped by Best in Gems (4th booth of theirs - LOL!) and found more beautiful earring pairs - I'm such a sucker for gorgeous gemstones!

And, as we went looking for the door we came in we ran across these monster crystals.  I'm standing next to one so you can see how big it is.  The amethyst geode is probably 5' across!  Mother Nature is truly amazing!

Next stop was a brief one at Intergem to get some sterling and copper findings from SII Findings.  No pictures here since I was tired and sterling beads aren't all that exciting :)

We head for home tomorrow but not until late at night so we'll get in another full day of gem shows!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More Tucson fun - days 4 & 5

We headed back to Grant Inn (not it's name anymore - but that's what it will always be to me - LOL!) to get some Nacozari turquoise from Stephen Mauldin.  He had some gorgeous stuff and some finely made.  Aren't these faceted beads gorgeous and the heishi is so regularly cut!
I also met my lampworking friend Lea Avroch - but totally forgot to take a picture.  Was so glad we could meet up before she and her hubby left!

Next it was back to Holidome so I could go pearl shopping at Lucky Gems.  I did get slightly delayed by one booth that had some gorgeous, hand painted onyx and paper mache dangles.  Here are the dangles I got and they are signed by the artist on the back.  Beautiful work but these guys are going out of business - so sad they don't have someone who wants to take over :(

Once we made it to Lucky Gems my mom and I sorted through many pearls to find nice strands of large rounds ones for my pearl snowmen and some "blobs" for a friend in Australia.  Not sure what they're really called but I call them blobs - LOL!

Then it was lunch time!  We went to the Ajo Cafe were the have pretty good pies and make a decent BLT.  Not quite as interesting as the Sunny Daze Cafe - but still good food and close to the Holidome/Gem Mall venues.

After lunch we went back to Holidome and I found another of the Best in Gems booth and HAD to look through their earring drops too :)  They have some gorgeous stones!  And this time I met the REAL Ajay - LOL!  And he's pictured with Jaya.

Mom looking through the gorgeous earring pairs!
We wandered up/down all the aisles at Holidome then popped over to Gem Mall to check out a few of my favorite vendors.  I did get more sterling beads and looked for some unusual cuts at some of my other favorite vendors but didn't find anything that wanted to jump into my bag.  We'll "do" Gem Mall in more detail later this week since I often find new favorite vendors as I wander the aisles.

And now - day 5!  We went to opening day for GJX and AGTA.  I dreaded it since the last time I did that it was wall to wall people and you could barely walk!  Well that was not the case today - far from it.  Not good for the sellers and it doesn't say much for the current world economy.  We wandered up/down the aisles of both AGTA and GJX and I only got a few things - one from a new vendor and one from an old favorite.  I wish I took more pictures so you could see the plates of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, ... AND the diamond jewelry in booth after booth after booth.  These are high end shows and you just can't imagine the stunning gems and jewels that surround you at these shows.  In fact we passed some booths that were empty, but when we came back down the next aisle we saw Loomis Armored car guards wheeling down box after box of pretties.  You know it's worth a bit if Loomis is the delivery company!

Here are my pretties and Dinesh from A-One Stones ...

labradorite slices

After we went up/down the aisles of GJX we walked across the street to AGTA.  I visited Taj again and found a nice strand of the black labradorite - yum! .  I also got more of those cute little multi-gem 4mm rounds and some nice tourmaline carved leaves.  Oh - and my mom got some of this brass chain with blue imitation lapis on it. 

And that's it for Tuesday!  We had dinner with a friend and now it's time to say good night.  Happy, sparkly, gemmy dreams to all of you!
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