Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Gray!

I'm enjoying our May gray weather here in San Diego. We'll have an unlimited supply of hot and sunny weather soon enough so while we're cool and cloudy I'm going to enjoy it! Here's a necklace to honor the weather:

A beautiful combination of handmade, twisted and etched lampwork beads and silver needle agate.

And now - some more new things that I listed in my Etsy shop.

A copper necklace with a substantial snakeskin jasper pendant and a luscious tan, coin pearl necklace in gold.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New creations ...

So I have a LOT of designs to list after the craft fair and the listing has begun! Here are just a few of them:

A fun and colorful bracelet in purple, yellow, turquoise and some summery aqua art deco style earrings

A fun, purple wrap bracelet with gorgeous furnace glass and a chocolate lover's delight bracelet

You can find all my jewelry designs in my Etsy shop

Encinitas Street Fair

As some of you know a glass blowing friend of mine (GlassByMJ) and I (cserpentDesigns jewelry) shared a booth at the Encinitas Street Fair. Here is our booth.

This was not a successful street fair for either of us. From what we could tell folks were buying pet things (the guy selling dog hats behind us seemed to have a lot of customers and we saw many a bag with dog prints in the hands of people), people hats (the gal behind us selling hats did OK - but not great) and food. It was a beautiful, sunny day and it seemed that folks were out to walk and eat and not so much to shop.

I did see one issue with our setup - we didn't have sides on the canopy so it was hard to see our items with all the hats and things behind us. If we do another show we'll be sure to put some sheets up in order to block any distractions behind or beside us. Our setup needs some tweaking too - so we'll do a prelim setup (with 2 6 foot tables next time instead of just one) and get some critiquing from friends/family.
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