Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Featured ETSY artist #28 of 90 - TiffanyTeske

I don't know much about the nitty-gritty of creating photographic prints - but Tiffany does. She got started in photography at the age of 7 and later in life got a BA degree in Art and Photography. If you visit her Etsy shop you'll see some wonderful and original photography and you'll learn about the process she uses to transfer the images to something other than paper. The concept is pretty cool in that it creates one-of-a-kind images from pictures since the transfer process is manual. The look is quite wonderful and is very different from a print. Tiffany's store is full of wonderful photos. Since I do like flowers (my garden is starting to get lots of spring bloomers!) I really enjoyed Radiant Warmth with it's wonderful sunflowers.

I was also drawn to Effloresce II since I just came back from Paris and the castle in this picture brings back fond memories of all the castles and beautiful gardens I've visited in the Loire Valley in France. If you want to see a lot of castles in a short time - go there!

Want to more about Tiffany and her art and life? If you do then be sure to visit her blog.

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