Tuesday, December 11, 2018

My latest creations and designs for sale at the Fallbrook Art Center

I've been making a lot of new designs and my designs are also available at the Fallbrook Art Center until 12/24.  Here are some of the designs you can find in Fallbrook.
And here are a few of my recent designs.  You can find all my designs on my cserpentDesigns Facebook page.  If they are available in an online shop I'll have a link in the photo information or just message me if you would like more information.

Christmas Swirls and Dots
Flashy Nasturtium - SOLD
Aqua Lilies
Tiffany Blue Pearl Flowers

Last few months of happenings - August and September

I've been a bit remiss in posting but I did have one excuse.  10 days after we returned from our Norway trip I had foot surgery on my left foot.  The same surgery (remove a bone spur on my heel) as on my right foot in 2017.  Needless to say that sidelined me for a while.  Now I'm in the PT and recovery phase which takes months.  Here are a few shots from my post-surgery days.  I'll leave out the pictures of my incision :)  For anyone who has an achilles rupture, Haglunds deformity or bone spur on your heel be sure to check out the Achilles Blog (http://achillesblog.com).  You can get information on the surgery, recovery, things you might need during recovery, rehab, ...  And if you want to document your own surgery/recovery process you can set up a blog. 

My foot in the splint with a get well butterfly balloon attached :)
Hanging out and elevating with my constant companion Gino
And I started walking again 5 weeks after sugery

Monday, August 13, 2018

Soccer in Norway and an upcoming show

I had a blast in Norway.  It was much warmer than we expected (high 80's instead of high 60's) but that didn't stop us.  I'll share just a few of the many pictures of our fun visit. 

About to board a plane for Svolvaer and then we'll drive to Henningsvaer
The gorgeous clear waters on the way to Henningsvaer
We're famous!  In Henningsvaer
The field in Henningsvaer, Norway
Both teams on the field in Henningsvaer.  We're in blue.
Getting ready to kayak in Henningsvaer

And now some pictures from our time in Oslo.

Most of the team at dinner one night

Our team (blue) and team Kjelsas after our Norway Cup exhibition game
I went ziplining!  What fun!
Of course I have a LOT more pictures but don't want to bore you with all of them.  :)

Next up is foot surgery!  This time on my left foot.  I'm looking forward to it since I know how well it turned out on my right foot.   I'll share some of the post-surgery journey with you in a few days.

I'll be selling my jewelry at the Senior Classic Women's soccer tournament September 8-9 in Mira Mesa. This year I won't be playing since I'll be 3 weeks out from foot surgery on my left foot.  I'll be cheering on my teammates and selling jewelry. Fortunately my wonderful mom and hubby will both be helping out since I won't be walking yet.  I'll be scootering around still.  I HOPE the weather cools down!  We'll be at Hourglass Field in Mira Mesa (just south of Miramar College). You can park in the Miramar College parking lot or in the field parking lot (back near the pool). We'll be there from 8-3-ish on Saturday and 8-2'ish on Sunday. If my foot starts bugging me and things are slow I may pack up and head home earlier.  Here's a mapquest link if you need it: Hourglass Field. Hope to see some of you there!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Yikes - I've been seriously slacking!

Wow - it has been too long since I posted! And the next Senior Classic tournament is coming up 9/8-9! I'll be selling jewelry and won't be playing soccer, again, since I'll be having surgery on my other foot in August. In fact I won't even be walking yet - so you'll see me scootering around if you come by to visit.  :)

Before that I'll be in Norway playing some soccer on a cool soccer field on an island! Here's a picture of the field in Henningsvaer. Pretty cool huh?

 I have been designing jewelry in the interim.  Here are a few of my new pieces in my Zibbet shop:

Abalone and Bubbles - Abalone, artisan lampwork and sterling silver
Pearls and Sapphires - Gem grade pearls, sapphires and sterling silver

Purple Bangle - sterling silver and artisan lampwork

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