Thursday, March 6, 2008

Featured ETSY artist #29 of 90 - ElementsbyDawn

Oh - what's the first thing I see in Dawn Brandt's store??? Chainmaille designs!! I love it, I've done it (made a pair of earrings), I'm impressed by folks who can REALLY do it since it looks so cool! My hands get sweaty and flustered when I do it - so it's not my favorite thing! The first piece to draw my eye is this gorgeous chainmaille bracelet in sterling and gold filled - absolutely elegant!

I'm starting to get into more metal work myself in my designs (it is just SO fun to hammer and pound on things - LOL!) so my next favorite in her shop is her In the Shadows necklace. I love the texture! She emphasized it beautifully by oxidizing the sterling and of course having a Swarovski crystal hanging there will add a nice bit of flash and glitter!

Want to see more? Then be sure to check out her Etsy shop. Want to know more? Then be sure to check out her blog!

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