Saturday, July 25, 2015

A few hours at Comic Con

The last time I was at Comic Con it was held at the El Cortez Hotel.  I could walk into a panel discussion that included Leonard Nimoy and there would be empty seats!  Those days are long gone but Comic Con is still going strong.  My mom and I decided to go check out the happenings around Comic Con this year and here are some of the interesting sights.

Just off the trolley and we see lots of crowds across the street from the convention center
Cool costumes and they were very happy to pose. The guy even gave Mom her own weapon for the photo op!
The crowds in the Gaslamp area

Sharknado advertisers

Another neat costume
Crowds crossing to the Convention Center to go into Comic Con
Uber and Colony - advertising and rides!

Norman Reedus (from Walking Dead) handing out roses - though I had no idea who he was at the time since I don't watch Walking Dead :)
 Of course there were many more sights as we walked around.  Advertising is plastered everywhere, driving around everywhere and often walking around everywhere.  It was a great couple of hours of people watching!

Friday, June 19, 2015



I don't know why but dots just make me happy.  I don't wear dots, I don't have dots in my house decor (at least I don't think so), but when I see them I just smile.  Here are some lovely, handmade designs that might make you smile.  :)

Dots and Dogs

Dots for You

More Dots for You ...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Brights! (and not)

It isn't quite summer but it's close!  Summer make me want to wear bright, cheery colors.  Here are some jewelry designs you might want to add to your summer wardrobe if you also like bright colors.

Purplicious EarringsLemon Lime Earrings

Some Fun BraceletHot Cha Cha Bracelet
Now if you prefer softer, cooler colors you might like to add these designs to your summer accessories.

Green Wisp Earrings Pink Pop and Pearl Necklace
Romantic EarringsSerene Earrings

Friday, March 27, 2015

Another HOT day!

Well we've been having some serious hot spells here in southern California - MUCH hotter than it should be in winter and the start of spring.  But one should make lemonade out of lemons - especially when it's hot and ice cold lemonade is a wonderful, cold treat.  So ... since hot makes me think of flames I went searching for cool looking, red hot, handmade designs.... and, yes, I have a bias towards handmade glass beads :)

Regal red earrings by cserpentDesigns

Aqua flame handmade glass beads by Fragiacomo Glass Art
Chili Red Bohemian Necklace by BeadzNBling
A lava orange screaming alien by nlcbeads

Flame Within Earrings by Azteca Designs

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tucson - fossils and rough - day 6

I finally remembered to take some pictures today - but only at one venue :)  We were at the Howard Johnson hotel show this morning and went wandering around to see the fossils and gemstone rough.  I always like to see what the beautiful stones and gems that I use look like before the get cut and polished.  Here are a few of the gemstones in the rough.



Purple opal


Tiger Eye

Turritela agate
And here are some cool fossils. I don't remember what the names of the critters are and I'm too lazy to look them up :)

And here's Manny from El Paso Rock Shop who answered our questions about the various stones and cracked open a few geodes so we could see the crystals inside.

And here I am in front of a mongo crystal

Tucson - Day 5

We've been busy for the past 4 days and I just haven't had the energy to blog about our days when we roll back to our condo.  We've visited many of my favorite vendors and found some wonderful beads and cabs.  Today's adventures took us to Holidome, Gem Mall and back to my favorite turquoise guys at the Howard Johnson show.  I didn't take a single shot of who we saw though I should have taken a picture of our barista at the Gem Mall food court.  She made a GREAT caffe mocha.  Here are some of the items we found today.   Have I mentioned how addicted I am to turquoise?  LOL!

Coin pearls - varying from not so great quality at the bottom to pretty decent quality at the top

Black onyx and fossil corral

More pearls!

Poppy jasper, red creek jasper and Montana moss agate

Royal beauty turquoise

Nevada blue turquoise and sleeping beauty turquoise

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