Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Featured ETSY artist #19 of 90 - DreamON

I get so excited when I see shops selling more original art than prints of their original art. Mary is the artist for the DreamON Etsy shop and she has some beautiful original paintings available for your perusal and purchase. Gardening happens to be another one of my hobbies so I am immediately drawn to floral paintings like Flowers of Vail. Of course seeing the purple in the flowers is also an instant draw for me ...

Mary lives in Florida and I live in San Diego and bouganvillea flourishes in both locations. Here is a beautiful painting titled "Bouganvilla On A Rampage". Have you ever grown a bouganvillea? If so then you know how easy it is for it to grow rampantly. All you have to do is trim it and I swear it grows twice as fast! I'm continually whacking mine back to keep them out of the neighbor's yard, out of my trees and under some sort of control. They flower beautifully - but must be kept under tight control if you don't want them to take over your flower bed!

Mary has many more gorgeous paintings available in her Etsy store (including cats ... and, (thanks for letting me know Mary!) one print with a dog ) so make sure you check it out.

Want to hear more about the happenings in her life and new art that she has in store for you? Then be sure to read her blog.

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DreamON said...

I loved your article and just think they're better when you are able to personalize them like you did. Thank you.

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