Thursday, January 3, 2008

Featured ETSY artist #10 of 90 - knuckletoes

I'm trying to do some catchup with my featured artist blogging. I'm running WAY behind schedule so I'll try to post 2 per day for a while. This evening (well actually it's already morning - but who's keeping track?) I'm featuring Etsy seller knuckletoes. When I peruse through each artist's store I either get drawn to the unusual or to something fun. And what drew my eye in knuckletoes shop? These spiral earrings pulled me right in: .

Katie is the artist who makes these earrings and she also makes purses and clothing. I'm not a big purse monger but I wanted to check out all the variety of items Katie sells and found this purse to be pretty cool and interesting:

I'm not a big clothes fashionista either but this is a fun tank top:

Like what you see? Wanna see more? Well go check out knuckletoes Etsy store! Want to know more about what Katie's up to then read her blog. Oh - one more thing - she also makes things with vinyl records. Pretty wild huh? Well then go see them at

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