Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm in Tucson!

I'm in Tucson and having a blast. Had fun hitting the GLW and To Bead True Blue shows and reconnected with some lampworker friends. You can get great beadable items at the wholesale price if you have a resale license at Karen Thomas Designs table. You don't have to buy the minimums that are needed on the web either so I stocked up on pens and winestoppers. I bought more of the wonderful "twisties" from Colleen Girard of CLG Lampwork. She has a website, but her shopping cart is down so all you can do is drool over the samples she shows and email her if you have an idea on the color you want. She's going to make some chocolate colored twisties for my mom with some glass she's been "hoarding" since she can't get it anymore.

We also hit the GLW show which has one of my favorite silver sellers (Kalpataru) who seems to always have the best price on silver (.59/g this year). But we also bought from another silver seller who had some fun beads/clasps at .65/g.

Today we're off to Kartchner Caverns and will hit the show when we get back. Hopefully we can get back before 6PM when most of the shows close. One show is open until 8PM so at least we can go to that one if we get back late. One problem we've been having in Tucson if finding some good places to eat. If you like fast and/or greasy food there are many places - but if you want salads or lighter fare it is really hard to find some place. We hoped to give Chopped Salads a try but drove up just as they closed at 8PM - agh! We ended up at the Kettle Restaurant on the I-10E frontage road near St. Marys crossroad from what I recall. It wasn't bad - well my pork chop wasn't, but my mom's salad was. Tonight we'll give ChopStixx a try since it's near the hotel and sounded like the food might be a bit less greasy than what we've seen elsewhere.

OK - gotta finish checking emails and then hit the road east for the caverns! Check back tomorrow for more happenings in Tucson!

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