Saturday, February 16, 2008

Featured ETSY artist #24 of 90 - deabusamor

Today my featured artist is deabusamor aka Sheika Lugtu. Sheika lives in Victorville which is just up the road, about 3 hours, from my house. It's a small world in Etsy-land! In her own words Sheika is "a self-taught dabbler in various mediums". In her Etsy store you can find a variety of objects made from polymer clay - pendants, jewelry and cellphone charms. I thought this bracelet, Smooth Criminal is quite cool!

Sheika also has some prints available. My favorite is Winter Solace a wonderful black and white print of dripping icicles. If you want to see more of her art dabbles you'll have to visit her Etsy store. Want to know more about her daily musings? Then check out her blog. She also has a website deviantArt! where she shares more of her thoughts and musings and instructions on how to make your own Xena duct tape dress form - it's an intersting read!

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