Saturday, February 16, 2008

Featured ETSY artist #23 of 90 - wittyworkshop

I've been slacking off on featuring folks since I was having so much beading fun in Tucson! I'm back at it now and today I'm featuring wittyworkshop aka Valérie Parizeault. She's from Montreal, Canada (a GORGEOUS city which my hubby and I enjoyed visiting a few years back - and I had the BEST japanese green tea here - I wish they would have told me what it was - I would buy it by the bushel! OK - back on topic ...) and makes wonderful paintings and card art! She also happens to be a coffee lover (ah a woman after my own heart - LOL!) AND makes jewelry (also after my own heart!). In her Etsy shop you'll find her cards and paintings. If you want to see her jewelry then check out her website Rose Flash. But, since we're talking about Etsy shops here I'll stop digressing and get down to showing some of her lovely art. Here is a favorite of mine ( I do love cuppie cakes!) Book Adventures (cupcake recipe)

And here's an ACEO in her shop that I just like - I haven't a clue why - but that's the way art is - it just draws you in. If you like what you're seeing then be sure to check out Valeries Etsy store. If you want to know more of the behind the screens information be sure to check out her blog

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Valerie said...

thank you for this lovely feature :)

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