Friday, October 12, 2007

What's happening!

OK - I've been delinquent in posting - but I got busy! I had a bunch of consulting work to do, had to finish up some jewelry for some customers and for an auction, went to a Reno/Reneau family reunion in Texas where this bracelet/earrings set:

were part of the silent auction to help pay for reunion expenses. Last year this bracelet and some matching earrings were in the auction and went for starting bid :(

I was SOOO glad that this year that were bid up close to the retail selling price - YAY!

And while at the reunion I found out about some more famous cousins (distant cousins - but hey we're all in the family!). One couse was Major Marcus Reno who survived the Battle at the Little Big Horn. Another Reno cousin (don't recall his name) is the reason we have an extradition treaty with England/Canada. He headed up the Reno gang (and a movie was made about this gang!) which killed over 200 people, took over a town in Indiana and were basically some very BAD relations. Apparently the head of the gang escaped to Canada (which was then part of England) so the US government got an extradition treaty setup so they could bring him back. I'll need to do some more research to find out what happened to this Reno - I'm betting he was hanged since that's what they did to criminals back then.

So - now you know some of my extended family history!

OK - gotta get some pictures taken of my latest jewelry creations. Those will be up on my jewelry website cserpentDesigns


capitolagirl said...

I saw your entries for the October ABS challenge on Flickr, and I just wanted to tell you that your beadwork is gorgeous!

cserpentDesigns said...

Thanks capitolagirl! I do enjoy making jewelry and buying gorgeous beads and gemstones. I'm so glad you like my designs!

Martha said...

The green set is just absolutely gorgeous. Also the one that you've posted more recently... beige, neutral tones. Magnificent!

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