Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Etsy Handcrafted Arts Holiday Sale!

The etsyBEAD street team sale is over but other Etsy street teams are actively promoting for the holiday season. The Jewelry On Etsy Team (JET) is having a holiday sale as well. The sale runs from November 1st to December 16th so you've got plenty of time to get your shopping done before the holidays!

I'm a member of this team so I'm participating in this sale as well. In my shop, cserpentDesigns, I'll be offering free shipping and I'll have a section containing sale items. To take advantage of the free shipping enter JET or HOLIDAY SALE in the comments section when you checkout. I'll send you a modified invoice or, if you pay immediately, I'll refund the shipping charges. Items in the JET Holiday Sale section in my shop will be marked down in price already.

To see other participants check out the myspace page:

Each person is determining their own sale terms but generally they offer either free shipping or they'll have a section in their shop with sale items or they'll be offering a percentage off items in their store.

So have fun shopping for HANDMADE items for your friends and family for the holidays!

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