Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fires are under control, but air quality is up/down

We were evacuated in our neighborhood but, fortunately, were never in any danger from the fires. It took us several hours to pack up all the things we wanted out of the house and then we headed over to my mom's house to spend the night. We got the evacuation call at around 9PM and got to my mom's house at about 1AM. Since the fire was not near us we were not in a big hurry. The evacuation notice wasn't officially lifted for 2 days, but Tony spent the next night at the house since we did NOT have any police patrolling our neighborhood to make sure no vandals started exploiting the situation. The dogs and I hung at my mom's house until the it was officially announced that we could return. From what I could tell not too many people actually left, but quite a few folks had things packed and ready to leave. But we're back at home now, everything is unpacked and put away. As I was looking for things to take I found a LOT of things I need to get rid of so I'll be sending many boxes to Goodwill and the dump.

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