Friday, August 24, 2007

The Jewelry Party Setup

These aren't the greatest pictures in the world but I didn't want to leave this setup in my living room forever so some were taken at night and some when the sun was shining in. Here are shots of everything gathered on my coffee table:

At the party they were spread out around a dining room table (with a couple of mirrors of course!). My mom gave me the silk scarves to use (they date from her working days at a bank) and she placed them in strategic places to dress things up - she has such a great sense of style!

The pics show the various display items I used at my jewelry party. I bought the 3 tier bracelet stand, revolving earring display
acrylic hand and ramp from Nile Corp.

They have real reasonable prices on all their display items. I used some 18G wire to create hooks so I could hang spiders, bracelets, cell phone leashes, ... on the earring stand as well. So one side was all earrings (it was full before the party - LOL!), one side was bracelet/earring sets and one side was a bunch of misc items like spiders, key chains and cell phone leashes. I left one side empty to make it easier for everyone to see what was available.

The shelving unit I got at Michael's for $5!!! It was in a closeout section and it folds up for storage which is really neat! I cut some leftover pieces from curtains for liners on the shelves. I displayed pens, letter openers, some bookmarks and watches on the shelves. I put the bust and hand on the top shelf to add height and interest to the setup.

I bought a set of 3 frames for about $7 at Michael's as well. For this show I just used the largest frame and ran a piece of wire in it to hang necklaces and earrings. For the next party I'll put a reflective background behind it and probably chicken wire or such so I can hang more items from it. I'll do the same for the 2 smaller frames as well.

I got the necklace display in a closeout sale from I also brought a book along to show what the book thong/bookmarks are for since some people have never seen them.

I grabbed some OLD wine and used those to display the wine charms and used a new pair of crocs to display my croc charms. I've emptied the wine bottles and cleaned them out so I can use them for future displays.

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