Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire Watch and estyBEAD sale!

Well my plan initially was to post information about the etstBEAD street team Holiday Kickoff sale but the San Diego fires have taken priority over the sale. So far we're safe and I'm thankful of that. The fires that were almost due east of us yesterday are now north of us. We had massive amounts of smoke and ash yesterday - so much that I thought our canyon was on fire. It turned out that all of the smoke/ash was from the fires in Ramona. Some friends of mine evacuated from Ramona last night and lots of friends in Rancho Bernardo and Rancho Penasquitos evacuated early this morning. Today it's actually a bit clearer at our house but the ground is covered with black ash just like it was 4 years ago during the Cedar fire. If the fire continues to stay to the north we'll be safe from evacuations but with the wind whipping the way it still is all we can do is keep an eye on things and start packing up the critical items in case we have to evacuate at some point.

If you want web based information on the San Diego fires the local paper and news station websites have pretty good up to date information. For the local paper check out, for one of the local news stations check out The local emergency website is sporadically accessible and doesn't seem to get updates any faster than the other 2 sites I mentioned but if you want to check it out go to I've had regular problems accessing this site and its links - but in the last hour it has been more accessible - maybe because more people have been evacuated?

Now - about the etsyBEAD Holiday Kickoff Sale!

Here's the flyer with details:

My shop cserpentDesigns@ETSY is one of the participants in this sale and the more you buy the more you save! A full list of participating shops can be found at the etsyBead Street Team Blog. I've got some new listings that are perfect for fall so check out my store!

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