Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tucson - yesterday

Last night I was just too tired to post anything.  My long days and short nights caught up with me so I went to bed about 3 hours earlier than normal.  But I'm back at it tonight.  :)  Last night we had dinner at Caruso's with some of my jewelry making/gem buying friend.  Good Italian food and good friends made for a good time.  Here are some of the gorgeous things I got yesterday in Gem Mall.  I just LOVE the chrysocolla with copper drops!!!  I have so much fun digging through the pairs of drops at Intrinsic Trading!

Copper in chrysocolla on the left, red creek jasper on the right
Bumblebee jasper on the left, sonoran dendritic jasper and red creek jasper on the right
 I also visited Jerry Chiu at New Prosperity Gems (friends of another one of my favorite vendors Toyo Feng!) and got some lovely beads.  Here are just a few.
From outside to inside, black onyx, pyrite (won't those lovely, overlapping beads look awesome with a gorgeous lampwork focal in a bracelet!) and yummy, carved smoky quartz

I also found these hand painted, ceramic beads from Peru at J.P. Imported.   The Westie beads drew me in and I liked the matte dog paw beads as well.  The cactus were just too cute to pass up.  :)
Fun ceramic beads!

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