Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tucson - day 4

We did get our lights back on last night which was a good thing since it got pretty cold and having no heater would have been no fun. 

Yesterday we did go back to visit Black Hat Trading at the Miners Coop and I was able to get a picture of Jess and Jan Searcy!

We hit the Holidome today and we started off at 2 of my favorite vendors to visit - Intrinsic Trading and Trilogy. I got some wonderful melon shaped Red Creek jasper and dangle earring pairs in many different stones from Intrinsic.

I got these wonderful carved flowers from Trilogy.

We then headed out for lunch and tried the Ajo Cafe at the recommendation of another of my beady friends.  It was pretty good, though we got there too late to try the peach cobbler :( They ran out before we got there.

And I got these pretty pearls from Ta Pearls - another favorite vendor of mine :)

We did a bit more wandering up and down the aisles to see if anything jumped out and grabbed me - but nothing did.  Tomorrow we hit Gem Mall!

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