Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tucson - day 6

Today we had a busy day.  We started at AGTA, then went across the street to GJX, then around the corner and under the freeway to the Pueblo show, we made a quick stop with my favorite turquoise guys and ended the day by having dinner with an old friend.  What is amazing is I remembered to take some pictures!

AGTA is always interesting with lectures, demonstrations, some seriously high end gems and jewelry and interesting exhibits.  I did forget to take picture of the exhibits.  This year they had some of gems and jewelry from the Smithsonian Institute.  The gorgeous and huge Logan sapphire was just one of the treasures in the exhibit.

We walked across the street to the GJX show.  There I visited some of my favorite cab cutters Donald K. Olson.  They're from my neck of the woods in Bonsall.  I went in search of some interesting cabs for a friend of mine in England and I found a couple including this cool black and white fossil coral.

Fossil coral
We wandered around the show ogling at all the GORGEOUS diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and a multitude of just about every fine gem imaginable.  We were totally amazed by the creations of Peter Mueller.  His sculptures are made completely out of gemstones.  That little quail in his hand has a dumortierite chest, onyx beak, white quartz ring around the neck and so much more!

Next up was the Pueblo Show at the Riverpark Inn.  I had to visit Yaushing Gems since they have very reasonably priced gemstone, half drilled drops.  Here are some of the drops.


And here are the wonderful people who helped me as I searched for drops for myself and a friend in Australia.

We then wandered around the show and saw these amazing gemstone things.

Humongous crystal

Bowls made out of semi-precious gemstones
My mom and a giant crystal
I stopped with another favorite vendor of mine, Thomas Schneider (another one from San Diego), to see if he had any Afghanistan aquamarine crystals that a friend of mine wanted.  I found hers and some pretty ones for me!

Tom Schneider and me with some of his gorgeous rough gems

We made another visit to our favorite turquoise guys (Nevada Turquosie) to say hi to dad!  Since I didn't get a picture when we visited with Shellbone earlier in the week I took one today.

And that's all folks!  It's time for this chick to hit the sack.  Later gaters!

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