Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tucson - day 7!

Well our trip to Tucson is winding down.  We leave tomorrow night.  My other love is soccer and several MLS teams are training here in Tucson so I may have to stop by and check it out tomorrow.  Today we started at the Kino Electric Park show.  I always stop and visit Cindy, Jennifer and Jason at World Bead Mine (formerly Royal Quality Gems).  I got some lovely beads but I'm afraid they're already packed up so no pictures of those.  I did get a picture of Cindy and her son Jason.  Jennifer was feeling under the weather so she stayed at the hotel today.

There are always interesting things to see at the Kino show.  Here are some very cool carvings in antlers and bone made in Indonesia.

This metal javalina family and barrel cactus were just so cute!

And you can always find gemstone rough here.

Big chunks of azurite in quartz
After Kino we did a quick run through the Best Bead Show.  That was a bit disappointing since some of our favorite vendors are no longer there.  We next headed to the 22nd Street show.  We love to visit with David Otteson of Broken Arrow Mine.  I got a lovely earring/pendant cab set of ribbon turquoise (but those are packed away too :)  ).  Here's David.

We also saw some gorgeous sunstone from the Dust Devil Mine and they had this cool rock candy dispenser.  You just put your hand under it and some candy coated chocolate rocks drop down.  It was pretty good too!

And there are always cool gems, rocks and fossils to see at this show.  I thought these rows of tourmaline crystals looked pretty cool.

And this show always has fossils.

Our last stop was at the JG&M Simpson street show.  I owed Toyo Feng one of the cookies my hubby made and kept forgetting to take it to him so I had to visit him one last time.  I also ended up buying a few more beads :)  I found some fossil coral in a cool shape and some green turquoise for a friend in England.  Since I've forgotten to take a picture with Toyo I finally got one.

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