Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pretty little awareness earrings!

A gemmie friend was trying to sell of some of her "extras" so I bought some beautiful rose quartz briolettes. I topped them with some gorgeous pearls using ball head pins I made myself!! (Yep - I'm having fun with my butane torch!). Then I heard that another bead friend was going through chemo for breast cancer so I just had to send these earrings to her. My gemmie friend donated the brios when she heard what I was going to do. Then I added awareness ribbons that I made myself (using my trusty little hammer) and - voila - gorgeous breast cancer awareness earrings. She doesn't know these earrings are coming her way so it should be a nice surprise.


Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Those are beautiful...! Good job with the headpins and the hammer...there is just something cathartic about melting I am sure your friend will love them..!!

cserpentDesigns said...

Thanks! I'll post what she thinks of them once she gets them.


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