Friday, April 17, 2009

Got me some cabs!

No - not taxi cabs - LOL! I'm taking the intermediate jewelry fabrication class and we're going to be making bezels and setting stones. My homework was to go buy some cabs and the gem faire is in town!! How can I NOT do homework that involves shopping for gemstones??? Needless to say cabs aren't all that I bought - I had to get some sterling too - chains, spacers, and some toggles. Here are the cabs I bought from Janu Gems -------->

Garnets are at the top (they are for later - when I get experienced enough to set faceted stones), a mystery stone in the middle - I just liked its colors, and I got lots of amethyst - my favorite color and it goes so well with sterling!

Ted, the owner was very helpful, had some GORGEOUS stones that were for the expert stone setter and provided me with bags of less expensive stones/cuts to dig through to find something I liked.

I also got some cabs at one of my favorite local fused glass art sellers - Fusionglass Co in La Mesa. I've always admired their art but haven't purchased any pendants since that was mostly what they sell. Since I'll be able to set my own cabs soon I decided to buy some of theirs. I already have a bracelet design in mind for the light green cabs - I've got the silver already textured and just waiting for me to cut out the links. I loved the color in the clear cab with purple, dark blue and a coppery/gold spash - it should look great in a copper pendant! And I loved the fuschia and pink with that black streak and moonstone looking dichroic. I just got some gorgeous moonstone rondelles which will look great in a necklace with this cab as the focal. And those smaller purple and black cabs? Those are for something for ME!!! Probably a cuff since I don't wear much jewelry and when I do I like it to be no muss, no fuss.

If you're in town or visiting in town Paul and Debb at FGC want you to come visit! I'm going to have to plan a visit to their shop once I've got some designs finished with their beautiful art glass!

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A Beaded Affair said...

Yummy. I love cabs and have so much fun shopping for and then wrapping them.
The greeny blue one in the top photo looks suspiciously like a peruvian blue opal. Let me know if you find out what it is. Lovely stone regardless.
Good luck with the class.

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