Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tucson - day 2!

Today we were able to go to 3 different shows.  We started at the GIGM Howard Johnson show.  We start our visit with Shellbone of Nevada Turquoise Co.  He always has something interesting.  This time I got some gorgeous Paiute, Blue Web, Turquoise Bonanza and Pilot Mountain beads.  Normally we get to visit with Shellbone and his dad but his dad hasn't arrived yet so we'll have to go back on another to give him a hug.  Here is some of the wonderful turquoise...

Paiute and Blue Web turquoise
We wandered around to see some of the other vendors.  There are always some great rough and crystal sellers at this show.  I bought this gorgeous aquamarine crystal in quartz.  I just loved the contrast of that beautiful aquamarine with the white quartz.

Aquamarine crystal in quartz
Once we finished wandering around the show we headed off to lunch and then our next venue.  We lunched at Las Margaritas for some delicious Mexican food and then headed back down Grant Rd to the Gem and Jewelry Show on Grant.  I first went into Robert Poley's room 2 years ago.  I just love the black jade beads he has in glossy and matte finish.  I also love the ivoryite (aka magnesite aka white buffalo aka white turquoise) beads that he has.  Here is Robert of Sweetwater backed up by some of the gorgeous beads he has.
Robert Poley, Sweetwater
 We also saw this GORGEOUS, polished petrified wood trunk.  Before it was polished it was 30% bigger.

Next on our list to visit was the Miner's Coop Rock Show  We also love to visit with Bob of Really Old Rocks.  Darn if he hadn't already closed up before we got there!  So we didn't get to visit with him but we did get to visit with many other wonderful people.  I spent most of my time with Jan and Jess of Black Hat Trading.  I first got attracted by some cabs that he had.  When I found out that they were from the Royston and Sleeping Beauty mines I had to sort through them to find some pairs for earrings.  Here are the pretties I picked out.

Sleeping Beauty and Royston turquoise cabs
After I finished up with the cabs I started looking at some of the bead strands hanging around.  When I asked where some of the turquoise strands came from I found that they were some old stock Morenci turquoise!  Shwing!  I love turquoise and I especially love turquoise from some of the older mines.  So I HAD to start looking at beads!  LOL!  They also had some old stock poppy/red jasper with some of the interesting colors that were in some poppy jasper beads my Aunt used in designs over 30 years ago.  Here are pics of my picks.

Morenci turquoise and poppy jasper

And once we finished up our visit with Jess our day of gem show hopping was over.  Tomorrow - probably some repeat visits and then JOGS!

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