Friday, January 29, 2016

It's a New Year and I'm back in Tucson!

Wow - I've been seriously neglecting my blog!  Well I'm back in Tucson for the gem shows so you'll be hearing from me for the next week.  :)  We arrived today and since we left San Diego before lunch and got here after lunch the first thing we did after getting the rental car was EAT!  We're staying in a cute, little, old house and it's very close to our favorite pizza and Oreo cheesecake places - Grimaldi's!  We had a salad, pizza and got some Oreo cheesecake to go.  We then did a quick stop/drop at our little house and headed over to the JG&M Simpson Street show to meet one of my favorite bead vendors Toyo Feng of Feng's Trading.  Here are some of the pretties I got this evening.
Turquoise! and a cape amethyst focal :)

Carved citrine in the center (carved with Chinese symbols that read Long Life), carved carnelian, bronzite and gorgeous, sparkly, twist faceted crystal quartz

A crappy picture with Sleeping Beauty turquoise in the center, the some diamond shaped angelite and finally some gorgeous and hard to find kyanite beads (they have a wonderful shimmer!)

More turquoise!
That was my fun for the day!  Stay tuned for more of our exciting adventures in Tucson.  I'll have more interesting pictures tomorrow since I'll remember to bring my camera!

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