Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tucson Gem Show Day 5

I had a lot of fun on my 5th day in Tucson!  I started out the day shopping with Toyo of Feng's Trading and a bunch of his special, new stock had just arrived!  I actually did quite a bit of shopping the night before since we arrived at his show after closing time so I could help him close up and then we followed him to Sachiko restaurant for dinner. He was still unpacking boxes that morning so I did a bit more shopping.  Here are the strands I picked up.

Fossil coral

Fossil coral
Red jasper and mosaic creek jasper
Paua shell (untreated and heat treated)

Nephrite (BC Jade, angelite, rhodonite, Sleeping Beauty turquoise
Sodalite, alligator jasper, ocean jasper, cape (chevron) amethyst

Golden (blue and brown) tiger eye and blue tiger eye
 And a picture of Toyo and I and his loooonnnngggg table of beds.  That's my mom way down at the end!
Toyo and I
Toyo's beads ... see my mom way down at the end?

 Once I finished up with Toyo we headed over to the Kino show (formerly TEP).  I found another one of my favorite bead vendors - Royal Quality gems.  Here the 2 owners are with my mom and some of the beads I got there.

Royal Quality gems

 Natural mother of pearl, turquoise

Then we wandered around the Kino show and saw many interesting rocks.  Here are a few...

Petrified wood

Then we had some lunch and headed over to JOGS to close out the day.  I got some sterling silver from SII (the least expensiver per gram that I've seen).  Here's a picture to let you envision the way things look when we're wandering the halls.
Gemstones (precious and semi-precious) by the trayful!

I'm tired so this is it for tonight.  We head home tomorrow but I still have several other days to share with you so you'll get more updates even after I'm home!


Shaiha said...

I so want to go to Tucson and meet all you wonderful folks. Some day...

Anonymous said...

I have been missing You! Was beginning to worry, but now that I see all of these Splendorous Photo's ... Maybe You are still unpacking.... I have to go to a few of these one day..!!!!!! Your Blog looks Wonderful :* - Carmen :)

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