Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tucson Gem Show Day 4 (posted a day late!)

My mom and I started off the day at the Miners Co-op Rock Show We went there looking for Bob of Really Old Rocks. However as we started wandering through the show my eye was drawn to the cool cabs that Wayne Holland of Dirt Diver Exploration had on his tables. He cuts them himself. He has access to Ghost Jade, Nevada Rose Dumortierite and LOTS of copper in various stones. Here's a picture of Wayne and the cabs I bought.

Wayne Holland of Dirt Diver Ezploration
Copper in slate, Nevada Rose Dumortiertite, Ghost Jade
We continued our wander and next saw some cool stones at Agate West.  David Furcean is the owner and cutter and tumbler.  I wanted to get more stones for my sandwich jewelry (as I call it) so I dug through his bins and picked out some pretty ones in blue chalcedony and blue aztec agate....  Here is David and some of the pretties we got.

David Furcean of Agate West

Morganite, Blue Aztec agate, blue chalcedony and Sierra Madre Agate

And now I'm just too tired to finish up so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the rest of the pretties I got at several different locations :)

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