Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tucson Days 2 and 3

Day 2 we got a bit of a late start but we began the day at the Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show. 

My first stop is always Larimar Conlight for their beautiful larimar stones.  Here are Jens and Cynthia...
Some of the beautiful larimar and some pink opal brios I got from Larimar Conlight.  The brios are a beautiful pink - but I don't have the best lighting setup here in the condo so they look a bit orange and ick ...
My mom and I at Larimar Conlight
Some of the fun crew at Yaushing Gems
Me at Yaushing Gems - I did not get this gals name - bad me!

Some meteorite beads from the Pueblo show
Some cabs I bought at Pueblo Gem and Mineral show
 Next it was onto J&GM Simpson Street ...
One of the huge gems/minerals out front at J&GM Simpson Street
The first person I visit at JG&M and usually on the first day of the show is Toyo Feng.  Feng's Trading has beautiful gemstones at fair prices.  I got some beautiful green pyrite - and bought almost all he had it was so cool looking!
More amethyst out front at J&GM
Some of the beautiful stones I got from Toyo...
and more  ... I love the micanite purple, green and flashes of mica!
And more ...
Today was day 3 and we visited Toyo again, then briefly went through TEP (Tucson Electric Park aka Kino Gem and Mineral Show) looking for my favorite tool maker, Miland Seuss.  He was not there - I hope he's OK!  Then we tagged along with another jeweler friend to the back of TEP to the RV Park show.  We've never been to that and we had a blast.  I totally forgot to take pictures but we'll be heading back there tomorrow.  I wore my college roomie out so she hung at the condo today.  Meanwhile my mom is still going strong with me to the shows!  Yay Mom!

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