Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tucson - Day 6 - Pearls!!!

Today we hit two retail oriented shows - Tucson Bead Show and To Bead True Blue.  I did check out the Craftoptics magnifying glasses and they are quite cool. Buying them will have to wait though - since my budget is expended in beads and gems right now ...  I found some beautiful ceramic beads and drops - didn't take a single picture - aagghh!  And I'm too tired to dig out the company name right now.  All I did at this show was get information about wholesale pricing and examine their products.

After a quick lunch and a Starbucks stop we headed to Lucky Gems to paw through their pearls in Holidome before the hoards descend on opening day tomorrow.  I found some beautiful pearls and had fun letting Susan (here she is with her hands covering her face - her boss didn't want pictures taken of the employees - but saying no just encourages me to disobey - oops!)

The boss did let her take a picture of me with the sea of pearls in the background.

Susan also helped me out last year so it was fun to meet and talk with the same person 2 years in a row.  Here are some of the pretties I bought ...

From Lucky Gems it was off to GJX with time to visit only one vendor.  Since I wanted to make sure I got some of the remaining sterling silver stock from Ezel Findings I went there first.  I finally got to meet Sun Young in person!  Yay!  Did I take a picture?  No ...  Booo!!!  I was glad she still has some of her old sterling silver stock.  Because of cost they are switching to plated brass ... wah!

Well since I'm falling asleep as I write this that must mean it's time to hit the sack.  Good night all and tomorrow I join the Holidome madness ....

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