Friday, January 9, 2009

We're back home!

Ah - it was great walking the dogs without having to bundle up in a thick coat, warm shoes, gloves, scarf and hat. Just some sweats, a t-shirt and crocs! It's great to be back in wonderful San Diego!

On Wednesday we made it to the Mephisto store (yes I bought some hiking boots and no they weren't on sale) and Angelina's. I wore the boots out of the store and my feet did NOT get cold. The evening wander was MUCH more enjoyable than previous wanders when my feet were getting numb from cold. The hot cocoa at Angelina's was YUMMY! Sooooo rich! They close relatively early (7PM) and, fortunately, we just squeaked in before closing time. Then we went to the Vesuvius italian restaurant and had dinner. Finally we headed back to the apartment, finished vacuuming and arranging the living room and hit the sack!

Tomorrow I head out on a surprise trip with my mom (I can't say where we're going in case the person we're going to surprise is reading this ...) and I'll be wearing my new boots again since it's supposed to be cold and raining where we're headed.

Enjoy your day and I hope you, too, have nice weather!

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