Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gads it's hot!

It's still hot and dry in San Diego. You probably already have heard about the fires north of us. Thankfully we've been spared so far this fire season. But for those who live in SoCal - don't be nonchalant - get your property prepped (looks like LOTS of people up on LA/Montecito did NOT pay attention to the fires we had down here last year and 4 years ago - I kept seeing houses with brush right up to their fence - absolutely no thinning of the brush, palm trees with tons of dead fronds hanging down - those go up like a torch when hit by an ember - saw that happen in the last Camp Pendleton fire a month or so ago), make sure your insurance is up-to-date and that you have replacement value, don't throw lighted objects out of your car windows (i.e. cigarettes!), don't create sparks near dry areas, and so on and so forth!

For some of the fire happenings up in LA try these links: or

I'm going to get some bulbs planted in between cool down and water breaks since they are sprouting in the bags. Hopefully we'll get some cool weather so they don't just dry up and die once I get them in the ground.

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