Thursday, October 3, 2019

Goodbye to our love moose!

Gino, last month, when he could still run, hanging with his Ellie and his Platypus
We found out our dog Gino had cancer about 2 months ago.  We had a tumor on his foot removed because it just kept getting bigger and the biopsy showed it was cancer.  Over the last few days he had a hard time breathing and, after an xray, we found that a tumor was growing on his trachea, slowly cutting off his air supply.  Today his breathing got a lot worse and it sounded like he also had fluid in his lungs so we said goodbye and he crossed the rainbow bridge.  I'm sure he's playing, running, squeaking his favorite soccer ball toy and hanging out with Kirby who he knew for about a month before Kirby crossed the rainbow bridge.   My hubby always called him a love moose since he was so full of love - and a moose was just something big!
Gino on his last night, resting after a hard day since he went to the vet and we found out about the tumor on his trachea. 
We got Gino from Baja Animal Sanctuary in 2009.  He had been at the rescue for 3 months and I was amazed nobody adopted him during that time.  He was the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever met!  He loved EVERYONE he met.  He would get sad if any stranger he met didn't want to pet him and say hi.  He was incredibly well trained from day one as well.  Someone lost a wonderful dog - but fortunately we got to have him in our life for 10 years.  He was a skinny little thing when we got him. And he had so many colors in his coat!  During his years with us he muscled up and, as he got older, his coat turned silver and had a beautiful sheen.

Our skinny Gino on his first day with us.And here he is hanging in his basket.  Look at those eyes and that cute face!

1 month before we got Gino our dog Oscar passed.  1 month after we got Gino our dog Kirby passed.  Fortunately, in the month that Gino knew Kirby he learned some important things from him.  One was how to ride in a car.   When we got Gino I took him and Kirby to the pet store so Gino could pick out his own toy.  He chose a soccer squeaky ball.  Then, at Christmas, our mom bought him his Ellie.  He absolutely loved his Ellie.  If you asked him to go find his Ellie he would search the house until he found it and then bring it to you.  We never let his bro Max play with it since Max would have torn poor Ellie to shreds.  Ellie is quite threadbare now but I would dutiful sew up Ellie's holes.  One time I put some extra stuffing into Ellie as I sewed up the holes.  I gave him back to Gino, he grabbed a hold of Ellie and immediately dropped him and looked at me.  I had overstuffed Ellie and he did NOT feel the same.  So I opened up one of the repaired holes, took the extra stuffing out, sewed Ellie back up, gave him to Gino and Gino gladly ran off squeaking his Ellie (and hoping I would chase him :) ). And I can't forget that over time he chewed off both of Ellie's ears.  I have no idea why since he left all other body parts intact.  I did add in a new ear with a different kind of fabric and that ear was never chewed off.  He really liked the soft fabric that Ellie was made with.  Sometimes he would just nibble on it like you would a corn cob.  He didn't chew anything off, just nibbled.

Gino, his soccer ball and our stately old man Kirby. Gino with his Ellie - his first Christmas present.

Our mom also gave Gino his own blanket.  He loved that blankie too.  He knew it was his and he would carry it around some times.  Often he would take it off the bed, drag it downstairs and lay with it or play with it.  It was VERY soft.  :)  His "Grandmas" loved him too.

Here he is with his blankie on the bed.  When Tony was out of town Gino sleeps in his spot and uses his pillow. 
Another thing Gino did for many years was to pile all his toys, and maybe a blanket, sometimes one of the living room pillows and possibly one of our shoes, into a pile in the living room (and sometimes outside) when we would leave the house for a while.  We guess that he just wasn't sure if we were coming back and the pile gave him security.  He finally stopped doing it for the last few years which was kind of a bummer since it was always cute to come home and see what he piled up.

Gino and his toy pile.
I had 2 foot surgeries, one in 2017 and one in 2018.  For 3 weeks after both I was essentially in bed since I had to elevate for 90% of the day.  Gino was my constant companion (except when walks, food or visitors intervened).  Max would come up and check on me, but Gino hung with me on the bed.  Of course he was quite happy to share my almonds and dried apricots with me when I needed a snack.  :)
Gino snoozing next to me as I recovered from foot surgery #1 Gino says "I would REALLY like to share those almonds and dried apricots with you" during foot surgery #2 recuperation 

Gino needed some love as I ate dinner during foot surgery #1 recuperation Gino posing with me when I first started walking after foot surgery #2.

I have so many wonderful memories of him.  I'll leave some of them here in hopes that you'll get an idea what a wonderful, loving dog he was.  I miss him terribly and always will.

   I KNOW you want to do something fun with me ...           Gino enjoying his car ride.  Initially we kept him leashed to 
    you are in my power ...                                                        make sure he wouldn't jump out.  He LOVED smelling the wind

         Can we go for a walk NOW????                                                Let's go vote!

         Gino looking cute out in the yard.                               Gino hanging with another blankie - made by my Grandma
                                                                                               for our dog Koko, way back in the 1970's.  Grandma made
                                                                                               doggie blankets that would last.

I KNOW you want to chase me and my Ellie!        Gino snoozing in his favorite spot - the corner of the couch.  If 
                                                                                 someone was sitting there he would just sit in front of them and
                                                                                 stare, hoping they would get the hint and move - LOL!

           Gino getting ready to root on the USA                Gino and Max playing while I made jewelry
               for the Women's World Cup final

    Gino snoozing in HIS corner of the couch                                 Doggies sleeping all in a row - Becka, Gino and Max
                                                                                                         Becka was my moms Westie.  She came to stay with us
                                                                                                         when my mom had to go out of town. 
                    A regular theme for Gino - LET'S PLAY!         Gino waiting, somewhat patiently, to go on a walk.

                       Just hanging on the stairs ...                                                                   I KNOW you want to go outside and
                                                                                                                                            throw my ball!

                       I'm waiting - let's go do something fun!                     Gino hanging with his Ellie pillow.

                               The trio, again, wondering "watcha doing?"               You are in my power .... you want to do 
                                                                                                                            something fun with me ...

                Yes I'm cute ... and?                                                  It's PLAY TIME!  Chase me!

Gino is watching closely as I repair Ellie.  He would always make sure I did it right too LOL!
                                            Gino, doggie extraordinaire, we miss you so much.  :(


3chicchix said...

Ohhh, so sorry about your loss :(. He was so cute, I can imagine him running around. He reminds me alot of my Sister's Shorkie (Shitzu, Yorkie). It's hard to make the humane decision to let them go, but we must ... I wish more of the World were ready to accept the same decisions for human beings. Courage for you and yours, Alysen.

cserpentDesigns said...

Thank you Alysen. I still don't know if yesterday was the right day but I do know he was in pain, was having major problems breathing as a tumor was closing off his trachea and his foot where it all started was starting to hurt again. He definitely couldn't do the things he liked to do anymore and there was no cure for his cancer. Perhaps my doubts are for me and not for him. I miss him terribly.

I know what you mean about allowing humans the same choice. I've seen my dad and grandma go through long and painful cancer deaths. I don't know that either would have chosen a shorter end but I do think people should have that option.

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