Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tucson day 4

It was raining in the morning, cleared up a bit, dumped on us during lunch and then cleared up for most of the evening. We got a few spits on the car as we drove home but nothing big.  But enough about the weather!

We started the day at the Pueblo show.  My first stop here is at Yau Shing Gems.  I have a GREAT time shopping for half drilled (and sometimes front drilled) beads - mainly for earrings.  Due to issues they had taking credit card payments in the booth I had to leave my pile of pretties with them overnight.  I'll pick them up first thing in the morning.  I can't share pictures of all the pretties I bought but I did take some pictures of the booth and of the gals who helped me with pricing, finding specific gemstones and anything else they could.

     Calibrated cabachons

Louisa and Annie at Yau Shing Gems

                                                                                                 The many half drilled and front drilled bead packages along
                                                                                                with strand beads at Yau Shing Gems.

While the folks at Yau Shing tallied up my invoice my mom and I went out for lunch.  We thought we would be finished with lunch before the rain came - but we were wrong!  It dumped on us during lunch.  Fortunately we were under an umbrella and did not get drenched.  A few rain splatters but that was it.

And here are the pairs I bought.  I just took a picture of one of each, but, in most cases, there were 5 pairs in each package.

Our next stop was at Chili Jewels where you can find some wonderful larimar!  I got a beautiful cabachon for another jewelry designer and some strands of small larimar and apatite for me. 


This is Patrick at Chili Jewels who helped me do                         My little larimar and apatite beads
show and tell with the various cabs that my friend
had to choose from (via phone messaging)            

We left the Pueblo show, made a stop at Starbucks by the Costco (Kino and I-10).  From there we headed for the Electric Park show.  Well that's what I call it since that's what it was called for many years.  Now it is officially the Kino Gem and Mineral Show.  I hoped to see the giant slabs of opal that another gal saw but I either missed them or they sold.  We did see many other interesting things!

Mexican Purple Opal which I LOVE                                                       I don't know what this is

Dinosaur bone                                                       
                                                                                                       And another stone I don't know the name of

Mom in front of a fossil with trilobites                                            And a cool ocean critter fossil

Another mystery stone                                                                       Agate planters

Labrodorite rough!!! The flash is beautiful!

Awesome metal work! Isn't that donkey cute! I love his expression. And the cactus and javelinas are darling!

Visiting with another of my favorite vendors World Bead Mine

Mom checking out the petrified wood                       

Here are some of the gems I got.

Some nice peacock pearls                                                                   Pretty cloisonne and HALF DRILLED
                                                                                                            BEADS!!!  I don't find them often in Tucson
                                                                                                            Though you can't tell I got nice lapis, onyx,
                                                                                                            amethyst and hematite.  Probably 8mm


Peridot carved melon beads, NICE biwa stick pearls and carved, mother of pearl wing pairs.

That was it for the gem shows but I did meet up with an online friend who I had never, before, met in person.

Here are Kelly and I in front of the Sunny Daze Cafe where we and our moms ate.  It was fun to finally meet her in person after "knowing" her online for several years.



Dina Cuomo said...

Loved reading this Susan. Tell your mom she gets younger every year and is my inspiration. I love that she travels with you every year. next time i go to Tucson, I want to follow you around. The Larimar looks just amazing. I need to get some!

cserpentDesigns said...

So glad you enjoyed it DIna! I'll tell my mom what you said :) She'll be happy to hear it. And you can follow me around anytime you want! The more the merrier!

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