Tuesday, March 7, 2017

2 weeks postop - sutures are out!

Ok - went in, got the sutures removed and there was some confusion about what was supposed to happen next.  Unfortunately my doc was unable to make the appointment and wasn't answering text messages so no one could confirm that what he told me for my recovery timeline is what was going to happen.  The only information they had was that my next appointment would be at 6 weeks postop.  This did NOT jive with the recovery plan the doctor outlined.  They put on another plaster cast - but the tech made it MUCH lighter by using less plaster since I had so many problems with all of the casts I had previously and had almost completely cut off the previous plaster cast in order to fix something that was starting to rub my foot raw.  Needless to say I emailed my doc the next day and told the gal who called to make the 6 week appointment that I wanted to talk with him this week.  She scheduled a phone call before the doc responded to my email.  Sure enough he wanted me to follow the recovery plan so I go in next week to get a boot instead of a cast.  This will allow me to start massaging the scar and will alleviate my numb big toe from the pressure of the cast on the top of my foot.

Here's the foot with sutures out and another cast put on.

I may be back in on Friday for another cast since this one is already starting to get loose.


BluMoon said...

The scar looks like it is healing nicely, have you had any problems with it, I presume the boot will be removeable can you keep it off over night or does it stay on all the time?
Take care

cserpentDesigns said...

Hi Jackie! The scar is tender which isn't a big surprise. Just did a gentle wash of the foot for the first time in almost 3 weeks. Put it in a nice clean sock and back into the boot. The boot is removeable but I have to keep it on all night. They actually gave me another boot for night time - hopefully that one will let me sleep for more than 1 or 2 hours at a time.

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