Monday, October 14, 2013

More enameling fun - from wire to hoop!

I'm part of the Painting with Fire Ning ring where a lot of torch fired enamel artists share information, pictures, ...  I saw some cool hoops made with steel wire and decided to give that a try.  I was never sure what my style was but my hubby told me - circles!  I tend toward round, circular, oval and I really like organic looking designs.  These steel hoops fit both my love for circular designs and organic looks.  I started out with something like this:

I just wrapped the steel wire around a wine bottle neck - so simple - well not totally because this is 16G wire so it's pretty beefy and a bit stiff.  I had to maneuver it to get the rings as close together as possible and have to make sure the ends tuck in close to all the loops.  Once I get the wire doing what I want I start the enameling process.  I heat the wire, dip in enamel, heat more wire dip, and on and on.  I usually start with clear or white and then add color over that.  This time I used clear, iris and a few dips in transparent raspberry.  Here are the results:

Those look a little better than the original don't you think?  Now to turn them into some fun earrings!

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