Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year, new things!

Wow - it has been a while since I blogged about anything!  My jewelry business got very busy over the holidays and I just ran out of time.  Then after the holidays my hubby gave me a virus and while I was down some bacteria gave me pneumonia.  So I started the new year off visiting the doctor but now things are sort of returning to normal.  I'm quite a bit busier in the non-jewelry work world.  My alter ego is a CAD engineering consultant and I have two part time jobs keeping me busy in that area too.  I'm not complaining because I like the work I do with both sides of my brain!  But I do want to share some of the new designs I made over the holidays ....

As I showed you earlier - I had some fun fusing wire.  This time I fused wire to create a 3 link chain with large loops.  On the chain I wirewrapped some cute and fun pink lampwork beads with white and pink dots.   

And at the request of a customer I started making Iphone charms!  You plug these into your audio port on you Iphone to add a bit of fun and whimsey to your phone.  Here's a dashing, red and black iphone charm made with cherry "quartz" and black onyx.

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