Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun at the Westie Rescue picnic!

Every year Westie Rescue of Orange County has a picnic/fundraiser.  We got our Westie, Max, from WROC and I always love seeing a park full of Westies (and their adopted brothers and sisters) so I join in the fun and festivities and bring Gino and Max with me.  This year my mom and her rescued Westie, Becka, and my visiting college roomie joined me at the picnic. Part of the fun at this event is the dog race fundraiser.  Westies and their friends get to chase a "critter".  Here's a movie of Gino chasing the critter.  And here's a picture of little Max ignoring the critter and only running down the "track" because I'm encouraging him to follow me.  Here's my college roomie getting some loving from Gino!

Here's a video of the entire race that Gino ran and Max and Becka wandered ...

And, for the dog lovers out there I'm making stamped, brass dog tags - for your dog - or you if you want something special.  Here's one I make to order: 

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