Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally back from traveling and I'm published again!

I came back from Tucson, had to finish up some consulting work and then headed off to Italy with my family.  This was my first visit to Italy and I LOVED it!  We visited Rome, Florence (Firenza) and Venice (Venicia).  My favorites were Florence and Venice.  What made it even more special was meeting Maurizio who makes and sells Murano Venetian beads!  He doesn't make all the beads he sells but he does teach the folks who do make beads for him.  I saw some of his beads and they are gorgeous!  I did forget to take pictures of his beads - but my hubby got pictures of my mom and I digging through some of his boxes of "orphans".  They are beautiful beads - they just weren't right for some of his customers.  
His bench setup for bead making

The inconspicuous entrance to his shop

And here we are digging through just some of his many boxes of beads!
I haven't yet taken pictures of the beautiful beads I bought - but I will shortly.  My hubby did take a picture of one of the wonderful Venetian chandeliers we saw.  I have never seen them before - but they are just wonderful!  
When we got back from Italy a copy of the March 2012 edition of Bead trends magazine was waiting for me in the mail.  My Aqua Falls earrings (with aquamarine rondelles from Magpie Gemstones) are published in this edition and here they are!

I'm working on some custom design requests and on some new designs to sell at Gili Anna's in La Jolla.  Those will be showing soon on my gallery and Gili Anna pages!

Have a great week!


BluMoon said...

Hello Susan, what a wonderful chandelier can't wait for my beads to come!

cserpentDesigns said...

Isn't that just the coolest chandelier? They were just so unusual looking - I loved them all. Your beads are on their way - just don't know how long they'll take to get there.

June J. said...

WOW. what an awesome trip and super cool beads. Love the photos. That chandelier is way cool.

Congrats on being published again. WTG.. You rock.

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