Friday, May 29, 2009

A bit more progress

Got the pendant cleaned up after the big soldering session and started on the bail. Need to do a bit more sanding to get rid of tool marks and then I'll try soldering it at home. It will be different since butane burns cooler than acetylene - but it will melt solder. Heck I might even try soldering the bezel on ... Our last class is next week so I want to get the stone set while I have a teacher to help me! Then I'll go like gang busters and see just how well my little torch works. If it is too hard to control then I'll have a torch to add to my Christmas list - LOL!

Tomorrow I'm hoping my mom's window estimate folks come by early enough so we can go see the Cow Parade in La Jolla ( I saw a few when I was down there a while back to see where Gili Anna, the gal I consign designs with, moved to. Her new shop is GORGEOUS and she's right near a fancy restaurant so hopefully sales will go up!

OK - now to make up a few more things for Gili to check out ...


Designs by Blanche said...

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HoneyBearBeads said...

You have One Lovely Blog!

Your blog makes me happy so I am passing this award along to you.

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Deborah said...

Congratulation on finishing your pendant -- now on to the earrings!
Your blog is wonderful -- great pictures.
Hope to see you in the Fall

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